FFA Updates

Northwest District Jr. Livestock Show

March 1st through March 5th FFA members took part in the Northwest District Jr. Livestock Show in Enid. On Wednesday, March 1st there was a cattle show; showmen included Ruston James (2nd place AOB Heifer), Drake Williams (4thplace Shorthorn Steer), and Haven Davis (Division 2 Champion Cross Steer, Res. Division Cross Steer and Res. Grand Champion Steer). The sheep show was Thursday; showmen were Brant Failes (6th place Commercial Ewe), Michael Shepard (3rd place Natural Wether and 6th place Cross Wether), Ralyn Waugh (2ndplace Natural Wether), Jarrett James (6th place Hamp Wether, 6th place Speckled Wether) and Blake Failes (2nd place Shrop Wether and 5th place Cross Wether). We had one goat showman, Matt Lancaster! At the barrow show we had 12 showmen; they included Callista Studer, Kacie Eshleman, Jade Jantzen, Paden Porter, Kadean Harmon, Cole Harmon, Mae Nevels, Kaleb Nevels, Haven Davis (4th place York), Brant Failes (2nd place Duroc), Michael Shepard (3rd place Hamp) and Beth Lancaster (6th place Cross). We had seven gilt showmen; they included Waylon Utterback (5th place Berk), Jacey Jantzen, Kael Tucker, Jacob Mustard, Tim Mast, Nic Green and Kacie Eshleman (1st place Cross and 5thoverall gilt).

Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE)

The Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE) is “The World’s Largest Jr. Livestock Show” Cherokee FFA had a total of 17 exhibitors! They spent over 8 days at OYE in 4 different barns at the fairgrounds in Oklahoma City! The spring show season has come to an end; all these young people spent numerous hours working with, caring, and feeding their show projects. Congratulations to all of them!