Professional Development

Our goal at Cherokee Public Schools is to provide our staff with the resources and staff development necessary to assist them with their educational endeavors and to continue improvement of student performance. Through Professional Development activities we are constantly making ongoing progress to increase the following four goals:

  • Increasing the academic performance index scores for the district and each school site.
  • Closing achievement gaps among students subgroups.
  • Increasing student achievement as demonstrated on state-mandated test and the ACT.
  • Increasing high school graduation rates.
  • Decreasing college remediation rates.

Each year we see improvements to these goals by looking on our Alpha Plus Scores, ACT Aspire Scores and EOI (End of Instruction) scores.

District employees will be required to complete state mandated professional development programs on an annual basis.

The composition of the Professional Development Committee will be as follows:

  • 2 Teachers from the Elementary School
  • 2 Teachers from the Middle School
  • 2 Teachers from the High School
  • 1 Administrator
  • 1 School Counselor
  • 1 Parent or Support Person

Please contact the Superintendent's Office if you have any questions or need further information.