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In a short time test scores will be released to all Oklahoma communities.  As a school we have evaluated these scores and understand that they will be lower than previous years.  The scores will be reported differently than ever before and we were not given the opportunity to know the evaluation method for last year’s testing.  We now know they are measured by national performance levels: NAPE, the ACT and the SAT. Before this year they were measured by Oklahoma Standards. Oklahoma schools were not told of the change until just this October.  


All that remains for CPS to do is hand them out and adjust.  The high school and middle school have already begun the process of moving toward the ACT and we will evaluate by the NAPE test for 4th and 8th grade.  I think it is important to keep in mind that we have never taught to a NAPE test because our students did not take it unless randomly selected form a state pool and the scores were not used for any type of evaluation. So, aligning our work last year to these national tests is not an accurate evaluation of what our school has accomplished.


If I had my way, this would be a hold harmless year for schools to get the opportunity to understand the evaluation method. Or at least, provide the scores both ways so that schools can properly determine what changes need to be made or where weaknesses lie.  Unfortunately, my vote doesn't count so we will take our information and work toward the future as we always have, professionally and with the mission to get Cherokee students the best education in Oklahoma.


I am so proud of each and every one of our teachers and the job they do for our students.  Test scores do not define us but we are competitive and want our students to have the best base of education to go out into the world.  We will take the information presented and start planning for the future.  We will continue to promote our positive accomplishments, there are so many!  No matter what, we will not utilize these scores as an evaluation of our strengths. They are just numbers that do not reflect our work for last year because they are evaluated by methods we were not informed of for scoring.


It is a Great Day to be A Chief! 

Donna Anderson


Below is the explanation from the Oklahoma State School Boards Association:


New Standards = New Tests

  • Last year marked the first year schools implemented new math and English/language arts academic standards. These standards are designed to help students become more creative thinkers and problem solvers rather than simply memorizing information.
  • The change in standards also required a change in testing. The new tests are designed to more accurately measure a student's academic progress and readiness for higher education and the workforce.


Test Scoring Changes

  • The alignment of the tests to national performance levels means the state expects to see a drop in the number of students scoring at the two highest performance levels (proficient and advanced).
  • The projected drop in scores doesn’t mean students are learning less; Oklahoma has significantly raised the bar to make sure all students are well prepared for their futures.


 National Comparisons

  • Oklahoma has benchmarked its test score performance levels to enable national comparisons. At the high school level, students will take the ACT or SAT in addition to a science test. For lower grades, national comparability has been accomplished by using the performance levels of the National Association of Educational Progress (NAEP), which tests a sample of students in fourth and eighth grades. Tests in math and reading are generally taken by a sample of students every other year.
  • Education leaders undoubtedly want our students to score well in national comparisons and are working toward that goal. Despite the expected drop in scores, the last math and reading NAEP scores from 2015 showed Oklahoma’s state average is at or near the regional and national averages in most categories.

Key Points to Remember

  • State test scores are only part of the data school leaders and teachers use in assessing student progress and identifying academic strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • It’s important not to let test scores overshadow the worth of other educational experiences and opportunities that have deep value for students. Research shows a basic education in the arts and extracurricular activities including leadership programs, clubs, etc., can improve student engagement, boost attendance and student achievement.
  • Not everything that matters is measured in a state test. In fact, employers report time and again the importance of soft skills and traits not measured in state-mandated tests: creative thinking, effective communication, team player, strong work ethic, flexibility and resourcefulness


State Test Scores Graph


Peter and the StarCatcher LogoRegional One Act

Chiefs Theatre preformed at the Alva High School Auditorium on Saturday, October 7th for the Regional Competetions.  We are exctied to announce the Chiefs took home First Place, as well as the Tech. Theatre Award, and four spots on the Regional Cast!  Congratulation to our talented students & Mr Paris!  







We have created a SchoolWay group for our athletic teams.  Messages that apply to just one group of student athletes will be sent through that particular SchoolWay channel.  Listed below are groups that have been created, please join the group that applies to your student athlete.

**Messages could include bus departure/arrival times, reminder to bring uniform or meal reminders.**

If you have any questions about SchoolWay please contact Amanda Tucker at tuckera@cherokee.k12.ok.us



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Just a quick reminder that Cherokee Schools is using SchoolWay to send out announcements about class activities, school events and schedule changes. For more information about SchoolWay visit http://myschoolway.com/Cherokee or contact Amanda Tucker at tuckera@cherokee.k12.ok.us.


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