Basketball Homecoming 2020

Friday, January 17th, 2020

Cherokee Chiefs vs. Timberlake Tigers

Overall Theme:  Our Greatest Decade (2010-2020)

The Spirit Days

Monday, January 13: Everyone loves movie magic! (Dress like your favorite Movie Character or wear a movie-themed t-shirt. Inspired by the incredible movies of our decade.)

Tuesday, January 14: What color did you see when you looked at the dress? (Wear Blue/Black or White/Gold. Inspired by social media controversies of our decade.)

Wednesday, January 15: We are going WHITE OUT! (Wear your whitest shoes and clothing too. Inspired by the White Vans tennis shoe popularity.)

Thursday, January 16: Show ‘em what your made of.  (Dress like your favorite Tik-Tok celebrity or Meme. Inspired by the social media trends of our decade.)

Friday, January 17: Throwback to Chief Tradition! (Dress in Chief OLDIES.  You might even raid your parent’s closet for some goodies.  Wear your Red, White, and Black to show your Chief Pride.  Inspired by all the Mighty Chiefs before us!)