New Quarantine Guidelines for Covid-19 Exposures: 

As many of you are aware the CDC has updated the guidelines for quarantine after a direct exposure to Covid-19.  

Effective Immediately and retroactively Cherokee Public Schools will be implementing these guidelines. Meaning any students or staff currently in quarantine will fall under these guidelines. 

These guidelines apply to individuals who have exhibited no Covid like symptoms. 

1. The quarantine period is 7 days if a Covid test is taken on day 5 or 6 of quarantine and the result is negative. A copy of the test results will need to be provided to the school. 

2. The quarantine is 10 days if no test is taken.

3. Anyone who is exposed must monitor symptoms for 14 days from exposure and if symptoms appear will need to return to quarantine.  A covid test is encouraged if symptoms are present.  

Please call the school if you have any questions.