Dear Students and Families,

I just wanted to get some information out to you about the Spring 2021 Testing opportunities here at Cherokee HS for our 10th - 12th graders.  Each year we try to support College Entrance testing for our students who are college bound and our State testing with the Junior Class. We have had some delays and changes due to the Covid situation, so I felt that I should let families know about these opportunities.

The Class of 2021 was unable to take the Spring 2020 tests that would have been provided free of charge, so the OK State Department of Education is paying for the Seniors to take a FREE ACT test.  I was previously told this would be a SAT; however, there was a miscommunication.  Our Seniors will be offered to take the ACT on March 2, 2021 FREE of charge.  This is optional to our Seniors.

The Class of 2022 will be required to take a FREE SAT test during our normal OK State testing in the late spring of 2021.  The Juniors will also be given an option to take the ACT here at Cherokee later this semester for a fee of around $50.  I will get the information out as soon as possible to the Junior students.

The Class of 2023 will be required to take a FREE Pre-ACT test this spring semester.  The Pre-ACT is a shorter version of the ACT, but follows the same standards.  The Pre-ACT is an exam that can be used to take concurrent courses at the college level or as a college entrance exam.  The Sophomore students will get their results back and be able to use their testing as a study reference for future ACT/standardized testing.  

Here is the plan for our Cherokee HS 10th - 12th graders for testing this spring at CHS:

10th Graders:
Required for all 10th Graders: FREE Pre-ACT Test this Spring 2021 (OK State Regents pays) Date TBD

11th Graders:
Optional for most 11th Graders:  Late Spring optional ACT (Students will pay for the test) Date TBD
Required for all 11th Graders:  FREE OK State End of Instruction State Test - SAT by College Board (OKSDE pays) March-April Dates TBD

12th Graders:
Optional for any 12th Grader:  FREE Early Spring ACT Test (OKSDE pays) March 2, 2021 Test Date

Please call or email  with any questions or concerns.  Thank you!

Mrs. Anita Jordan, M.Ed., Former NBCT
School Counselor
Cherokee Public Schools
P.O. Box 325
Cherokee, OK 73728