Counselors Corner

Dear Cherokee Parents,

After a few situations this year with TikTok and other social media situations, our Administration realized there was a need to talk to the kids about being safe with social media/devices/phones.  Mr. Steve Tanio from the  OSBI will be here on Tuesday, February the 2nd to visit with our 5th - 12th graders.  Mr. Tanio has been here in the past and does an excellent job with his presentations.  He has been witness to many crimes involving children and wants to help us educate our students here at Cherokee.  He will be here to visit with our students at the following times:

Auditorium Meeting Groups & Times
5th - 7th Grades 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
8th - 12th Grades 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

He will address the following topics with kids:
Phone & Internet Safety
Making threats on social media
The dangers of sexting or dressing sexy on social media
(HS group) Age of consent for sex & dangers of sex-trafficking

If for any reason you wish to have your child opt out of this presentation, please contact Mrs. Anita Jordan asap at  We hope this presentation will protect the safety of our children as they use technology at school and at home.  Both of these locations should be safe zones for our children, and we want to help them stay safe.