Back to School Update

Greetings Chief Families!!

Cherokee Public Schools is pleased to announce that students will have their school supplies provided for them again this year! This has been made possible by the Ministerial Alliance!! Elementary students will need to provide a backpack, classroom snacks* and a nap towel*. Supplies will be in their classrooms on the first day of school. JH/HS Students will have notebooks, pencils and pens provided for them. *does not apply to all grades.

New this year, we will allow students in 5th - 12th grade to provide their own backpack as long as it has a laptop sleeve AND they pay for the $25 chromebook insurance. The school will have chromebook bags available during device handout for those that choose to use a school issued bag. Chromebook insurance is not mandatory for those using a school issued bag, but is highly encouraged! Students that have not purchased chromebook insurance will be responsible for all repairs.

We are also excited to announce that the USDA will continue to reimburse the cost of breakfast and lunch for students. All students will receive free breakfast and lunch at this time.* We do ask that EVERYONE fill out a free and reduced application when you come to finalize enrollment. Did you know that the federal Free & Reduced School Meal Application is not only about eating in the cafeteria? In addition to providing an opportunity for some of our students to eat a nutritious meal for no-cost or at a significantly-reduced cost, it also generates additional money for our school. For example, the amount of money we receive from the federal government in our Title programs is based directly on the percentage of students enrolled in the Free & Reduced program, regardless of whether they ever eat a meal in the cafeteria. Our reimbursement from the federal government for our cost of providing Internet service is also directly tied to that same percentage. Our ability to apply for both State and Federal grants is tied directly to the Free & Reduced program enrollment. *We do not know how long the USDA will continue reimbursing all meals. We will give families as much notice as possible when returning to charging for meals.

To enroll your student please visit to complete online enrollment forms. On August 4th we will finalize enrollment paperwork from 7:30am to 7:00pm at both schools.

School starts on August 19th! 

Have a great rest of the Summer.